Friday, March 15, 2013

That'll Do

Well after yesterdays post I waited patiently for comments to see what I should do about the pendant and I did get a couple here and I posted my query on facebook and received some comments there as well. They all affirmed that the current motif would be just fine. While I think that it's just as likely those of you with alternative opinions simply chose not to share for fear of being perceived as mean, I'm going to just go with it. By the way, if wouldn't have upset me if you had thought I should keep working. I might have ignored you if I thought you were wrong or I was feeling lazy, but it wouldn't have upset me.

Unfortunately accepting the design as the one I'm going to use stopped me from working on really anything yesterday. I actually ended up working on the last of the crochet afghans instead. I mean I started to tat up a couple of things, but no muses, no motivation, no happiness with the lace coming off the needle.

I'm hoping for a bit of a turn around today. Sales have been better this month, but they are still unreliable and inconsistent and I haven't had one for days now. I need to keep focused on work and the shop desperately needs something new in it. So today I call on the Universe to send some inspiration, some sales, something amazing or interesting to get my rear in gear. Hopefully Monday I'll have something good to share.

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JQ said...

ERP! I meant to leave a note yesterday saying I really like the motif too. :) I got sidetracked by the brood. "MUM" "MUMMY" MOOOOOOOOM" lol and then it was supper time.