Thursday, March 21, 2013


Well I started out on task yesterday. I finished the pair of barefoot sandals and it looked like I was going to get the slave bracelet listed, but then I got distracted. I don't know if it was the rainy weather after so much sun lately or what, but I went down an entirely other path.

That other path was writing up the pattern for the motif, the bracelet using it and the earring motif derived from it. My plan is to put it up for sale at the same time I release the pendant, International Tatting Day, April 1st. Of course writing it up, taking pictures, doodling on those pictures and putting the thing together reminded me why you will not be seeing a tatting book by me anytime soon. It took me all day to do all that and I still have to find someone to test tat it for me so I can do any needed editing before I can list it. All that for some really simple designs. There is just no way I have time to do that for the complex ones people keep asking for. Then there would be all the drama of proper layout and actually publishing which are all completely out of my realm of knowledge. So again I state, because people keep asking, there will be no pattern book from me in the near future. Maybe when my kids are grown, but that's a good decade or so away.

As you probably guessed, the pattern stuff was the only thing I did with the rest of my day. I should get back to the slave bracelet today and get it listed. I'm also playing with the idea of doing a short video tutorial on the lock stitch for the needle since the earring pattern uses that technique and I only recently learned how to do it myself, so I imagine there are plenty of people who haven't yet tackled that...or I could be the last person to try. That's certainly a possibility. Either way, it really depends on how the day goes. Videos are hard to do with a house full of loud kids and curious cats and me being a fairly lazy human. So I guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether I continue with the focus or not. Right now I'm just crossing my fingers that I won't have to wait another full week for a sale, but onwards and upwards.


Vicky said...

So happy to hear the patterns are coming along for these motifs! They're so pretty! I'll definitely be picking them up when they're available!

Here's to more sales in your shop soon!

Unknown said...

O this so reminds me of my day today - I wasn't quite distracted but I was certainly too tired to think and tasks that should have taken 15-20 minutes at most took several hours because of an overly tired & unfocused brain! I <3 your video tutorials, that's how I learned to tat.

And o the joys of juggling...

God's Kid said...

Love that design in all the different colors!! :)