Monday, March 11, 2013

Time Change

I fear today's post is going to be just as boring as Friday's, not that I didn't do plenty over the weekend. It's just that it doesn't contain much tatting and there are no pictures and I'm bloody exhausted. The exhaustion stems from a combination of the time change and our perhaps less than wise idea to have friends over on Saturday night. Don't get me wrong it was a lovely time and quite needed, but when you go to bed as 2 becomes 3 and your cats wake you up two hours later to feed them, you tend to function poorly for a time. Why didn't I go back to bed? Well, I tried, but the cats weren't having that either so I think I got a total of 3, maybe 3 and a half hours of sleep.

Let me back up to Friday though for a minute. I got another project out in the mail and I spent most of the day working on remaking the lace maille necklace. After schooling I decided to try out the newer coupon codes from etsy where you can specify a dollar off amount for a minimum purchase price. I thought I'd give it a go  as a flash sale to hopefully stimulate sales, but it was a dud until I forgot to turn it off at bedtime. I woke up to one sale the next morning and it was enough to keep me focused again.

I worked on that small order and the lace maille necklace most of the weekend that wasn't spent socializing, attempting to fly kites with the family or being tired and I'm still not done with the necklace. I've got probably half of the motifs left to embellish with crystals. I'm hoping I can actually get that knocked out after schooling today, but it all really depends on how tired I am all day. It seems that using an incredible small, sharp needle to sew on tiny crystals is really a job for the alert, otherwise my fingers start to look like living pincushions. So here's to a relatively awake day and hopefully a much more productive and entertaining week ahead.

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