Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Muses Are Back

The power of positive thinking is strong. Or maybe it's the power of getting off your arse and focusing on the things you can control rather than dwelling on the things you can't. Either way, yesterday was a pretty good day.

Right after schooling, instead of sitting down to relax, I got the earrings and the bracelet photographed and ready to list. I got the earrings up first and saved the bracelet for later in the day. I also made sure that I was chattier online than I've been recently. I find when I'm a little low I stop posting as much which I'm pretty sure just adds to the cycle. So I was productive, then chatty and I received some inspiration from the muses and got some more creation out.

I looked at the prototypes I had created in search for the perfect pendant and earrings, placed them together and after some rearranging, I came up with this necklace. Now see, this is the sort of adaption I have come to expect from myself. I'm suppose to take something created many decades ago and warp it to my own uses. I felt so lazy when I decided to use the motif for the Tatting Day Pendant because I knew it wasn't all that different from it's original design and I'm certainly not the first person to use it either, but I just wasn't getting any creative inspiration. Now with the earrings and this necklace, I feel much better. I'm still using he basic motif for the Tatting Day event, but now I can write up the pattern and include the earrings and the bracelet. I'm going to hold onto the necklace here though.

After a day of creation, there's another bracelet design on the way as well, I was granted a sale. After a full week of nothing, I was overjoyed to get one. So today, I have a pair of barefoot sandals to remake and a new bracelet design to finish. Here's hoping another day of creative design, hard work and uncharacteristic optimism leads to more of the same for today.

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God's Kid said...

The earrings and necklace look really great!! :)