Monday, March 18, 2013

Something New

While most of the weekend was spent on family adventuring, I did get a little tatting work done up. On Friday I turned the motif into a bracelet. Not a lot of effort required to do so since it's current picot enlightenment was fine for joining them together. Of course once it was done I posted a picture on the facebook page and then proceeded to do nothing with the design. I didn't play with it more, I didn't photograph and list it, I just let it lay. I'm fairly certain I can blame the full week of no sales for my malaise. I want to keep working, but I feel that lack of motivation heavily. You know the, 'Why bother, nobody cares. It's not like anybody is going to buy it' I can actually hear the voice of Eeyore in my head. Not dwelling on that though.

Most of the family adventuring was of the errand running sort, but we also managed a little yard work and some kite flying. The last two have left me pretty sore today, well mostly the yard work, but the kite flying did nicely work my arms and I'm also rocking a slight sunburn. Apparently wind does not stop the sun from beating down no matter how strong it is. When we were in for good last night I decided to just go ahead and make some more of the pendant motifs so I have some colors ready. Mostly this was because I finally finished the last crochet afghan and I have no more busy work tasks left and my hands need to keep moving. Anyway, while I was working on those, I had a moment of creativity. I saw something else in the design. Honestly it has been so long since I had any burst of creativity I almost didn't recognize it.

I saw this design hiding in the corner of the motif and with a little fiddling I was able to bring it out. Bonus, I got to use the lock chain in a design for the first time as it was the perfect element to keep the piece a one round design while maintaining the shape I liked. It'll make a perfect pair of earrings and my brain is even trying to see what else I can add this bit too.

So today I am going to try my hardest to get my rear in gear and list the bracelet and earrings. I'm going to try to stay positive and work on what else this design might be trying to become. I'm going to focus on the things I can control and try to ignore the things I cannot.


God's Kid said...

Nice bracelet!! :)
And I like that design that came out of the corner!!! :)

Vicky said...

The new design is beautiful! Would work great for earrings, or even a smaller pendant. Could even become the center of a new circlet. The bracelet turned out quite nice as well! The motifs turned out bigger than I imagined, though. Thought they were only about an inch across for some reason. I like dainty jewelry. :)