Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I accepted a bit of a life lesson yesterday as I attempted to replace old photos with new ones in someone else's layout for my tatting pattern. I usually try to figure these sort of things out myself. I try to think of myself as moderately clever and adaptable, but about an hour or two...maybe three later I threw in the towel and accepted that I just did not have the requisite background skills to complete the task. I found myself asking for help again feeling a bit like a failure. It is quite difficult for me to put tasks in the hands of others, partly because I know I could learn how to do it myself given the time and proper instruction and partly because as a bit of a perfectionist I like to control things. Luckily in this case it was much more the former than the latter as the person I cried to for help is far more clever in this and has a complimentary aesthetic sense that I trust. I still feel like I didn't accomplish a thing all day given my repeated failed attempts.

I wasted much of my day with that adventure which left little time for much else. I did manage to remake a pendant and bracelet, but I didn't get round to any of the other tasks I had laid out for myself. I was also so focused on next week's events that I nearly forgot about several this week. I've got babysitting tomorrow and a dinner. Then on Friday we have a pizza party for the kids to attend for lunch. So between all that I really need to focus on getting that video done, if it's going to be done at all. I might just end up searching YouTube for an existing one and pass the buck if one does already exist.

Other than the video I still need to get the pendant listing ready to go which means pictures need to be taken. I think maybe I can handle that task today. Sales are still glacially slow so I've been making an extra pair of barefoot sandals just to keep busy. If I finish those I was thinking of making a mask that's currently listed as a custom order. I'm just trying to keep working and making knots. It's a charmed life.

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Aradia Goseling said...

Well at least I'm not the only one! I hate to rely on the help of others when I can do something and I'll doggedly go at something until I can get it done. But sometimes it is time to stop and at least take a step back before continuing on. :O