Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Something Anyway

It was an interesting day. Not exciting, interesting, but still. Schooling ran very long with the oldest working on her first book report. Of course I just sat there encouraging her to work while I played on the Internet. She doesn't need to know what I was doing on the computer though. When we were finally done I had vacuuming I needed to do. It's Spring and the cats are shedding, all six of them, so the dust bunnies look a little more like dust yetis and it just couldn't be put off any longer. All this meant I couldn't even think about tatting tasks until after lunch.

Timing was on my side though, it wasn't until after lunch that the sun came out making it perfect for taking the pictures I needed to for the pendant listing. So that is all taken care of and saved as a draft ready to launch when I wake next Monday morning. The next question was whether or not I really "needed" to make a lock stitch video. This question sent me searching for one and I could only locate a shuttle tatting one, so I accepted that if I did indeed want one to exist, I would have to get on it.

It was just too loud around here to even think about doing one yesterday, but I did get the prep work started for it including a couple of sample pieces. I thought I'd make one up with solid and variegated shade to show how decorative the different colors can be as opposed to the more utilitarian look of the solids. The sample got me thinking a little about a new piece as well. I also painted my nails because they were looking haggard and since that's all of me that you see in the videos, they should at the very least look taken care of, right?

So the hope is that this morning schooling will be quick, the sun will be out for natural light and dozens of lawn mowers will not be visiting the neighborhood. It should be a very short video, but I generally mess up several times before I finally manage to create something usable so I need plenty of time to work on it. If nothing else comes up to distract me and I actually get it made today, well, I'll be pretty shocked myself, but I'm operating on the premise that if I write it up confidently that I might actually follow through. Hey, it could happen. If I don't I only have a few days left before my self imposed deadline. Man, I have been ridiculous lately. Here's hoping I can pull myself together and get back to form soon.

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