Monday, March 4, 2013

Cancelled Sale

If you remember on Friday, I was hoping all my plans would be interrupted by a sale or something else I would have to immediately attend to. My wish was granted but then immediately followed by a sale to the one country I cannot ship to, Italy. If you weren't aware Italy has one of the strictest sets of customs regulations I've run into, but the relevant part is you cannot send lace, handmade or otherwise. Like shoes and leather goods, which are also prohibited, they are protecting a domestic industry I suppose. Of course it meant I had to send apology messages to the customer, refund their payment, cancel the order and hope anger didn't rain down on me. It would be so much easier if I could just block a single country from purchasing, but that functionality does not exist and before you say, I could have just lied on the customs form and said it was something else, my luck would have the package inspected and subsequently confiscated costing me quite a chunk of money. Not to mention the potential fraud charge and its accompanying fines, better to just not risk it. The whole thing put me in a mood. Luckily I had the first order to deal with and it gave me plenty to do over the weekend.

Before I got to that, I did get the new earrings listed and I now also have the titanium ear posts in. I probably won't list any earrings specifically on those posts, but add instead I'll add a note to the existing listings that they are available should ones metal sensitivity warrant them. I know you've already seen them, but this is a much better picture and with some other color combinations I made up.

The husband has a conference to attend the first part of the week so I'm single parenting for a few days. This does mean my productivity will start to suffer as I get fewer moments of 'me' time. I do still have things to work on though. I'm playing with a long drippy chain for an art piece and I have a back drop necklace to get remade. I even had to bite the bullet and buy some supplies because even though sales are still glacier slow, the pieces I am selling need more beads and findings. I'm still hoping for an upswing in sales soon, but I've also got a few idea seeds growing in the back of my brain that may burst forth soon regardless. Either way it's looks like it's going to be an interesting week at the very least.

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