Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Little Better

It was a lovely, sunny day yesterday and I had lunch plans with the in-laws so I was in a pretty good mood to start off the day. Though this resulted in very little tatting, it did result in me doing a few things I had been putting off. First off I finally shipped off a very special pair of ankle corsets. Why are they special? Well, the are headed to the Denver Museum of Art to be a permanent part of the educational display in the textile art studio opening later this Spring. I've been promised photos once the display is up, but if you live around there do stop by once it's open so I can live vicariously through you.

I also did play around with those foreign language patterns I mentioned yesterday and upon further inspection, it appears they may be Finnish, but I still have no clue as to their age. This is the first small motif I tried out where I first noticed the insanely inconsistent stitch counts. Honestly I'm surprised it looks anything like the photo.

Then I wanted to try out this really complex, but neat looking pattern. Since I couldn't read the pattern, I tried counting this one as well and then completely gave up. Instead I merely attempted to emulate the shapes and joins of the image. My first go at the bottom edge was a disaster, but I think I almost got it by the end. I have no plans for it though. It's big and the bottom chains are long and generally misbehaved. I still think it looks neat and it just now occurred to me that if you turn it the other way around it looks a bit like a crown that would be perfect in a Keep Calm image, you know, Keep Calm...and Tat On maybe. I have the oddest ideas while writing and now I totally want to make that for a shirt or something.

Anyway, the weather has turned bad today and the husband will be back from his conference this evening...No, I don't think those two events are related, but it does mean I don't think I'll get much done today. I am still suffering silence in the shop, but I should also get my recently order supplies in today so I might just get some backup pieces made. Yeah, I don't know what I'll get up to. Here's hoping the Universe sends some sales soon.


Martha said...

Ooh, I recognize that. The antique tatting book that is available online is a Finnish reprint of a German tatting book that was published in 1923. At least, I assume the German version came first.... The Germans were doing some crazy mad block tatting in the 1910-1920s.

TotusMel said...

Thanks Martha! I really like knowing where these older designs come from and it drives me up a wall when I can't figure it out!