Friday, March 22, 2013


It's probably no shock that I didn't get round to doing a video yesterday. Once schooling was wrapped, I didn't really have enough time before lunch to do it and by lunch time I had gotten a mask order that needed making. People paying me money for things always takes precedence over the free things I do because I like to help folk. Those are spare time things and luckily I had none of that yesterday. Man, I'd make an awful philanthropist...unless I was already wealthy and then you'd get tons of free tutorials.

On top of the mask I needed to make, there was also a book fair/open house at the book store for the kids virtual school. We try to do as many of the 'social' things as we can manage, so we went off to that for the afternoon. This put another huge dent in the day though, so I still have plenty of mask making left over for today.

Ooh, I almost forgot that I did do at least one thing I said I would yesterday, I finished, photographed, and listed the slave bracelet fairly early in the morning. It seemed rather well received. While it didn't fly off the shelves or anything, it was added to a few favorites listed quite quickly, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

So today I still have a mask to finish and late last night I got another order for a necklace in a custom color, so I've got plenty of work on my plate. If by some stroke of luck those task go quickly and I get some quiet time I may revisit the video idea. I'm not holding out much hope though. I would like to get it done before I release the pattern which is being test tatted by one of the nicest tatters I know as we speak. I've still got a week and some change though, so no rush I guess. I never been this on top of things before, Usually I put things together at the last minute and everything is immediately out into the world. Holding onto things for a specific date is weird, but I digress.  Have a great Friday and lovely weekend all.

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