Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Happens When I Stall

I know this won't surprise you, but I thoroughly ignored those masks that need remaking. In fact I went to great lengths to do so. First I dug through pages of sold items to find things I would prefer remaking. I found two necklaces to be made up and tatted those instead. Then I pulled out the crochet throw I've been working on and started working on that instead of focusing on the lack of sales during the day. I think I only have about two more rows before I'm done with this one and then I want to make a second in an entirely different style though. In fact I may knit the next one just to mix things up.

After a bit of crocheting though I got a bit stir crazy. I'm watching my twitter feed, seeing all these other etsy sellers struggle to keep up with the deluge of orders in their shops and I snapped. I offered a flash sale code. They never work, I don't know why I bothered. This was around 3:30 I guess and all I could hear was crickets, then a weird thing happened. I had set it to last until 6 so at 5 I posted that there was only an hour left until it was over and people actually went shopping. It was lovely and busy for an hour and I wish there were some way to bottle that enthusiasm for other days. Of course flash sales lose all their meaning if you do them often, so that was the only one for the season. I sure hope I don't have any more days where the stress makes my contemplate off the cuff sales. I think the excitement of yesterday's should tide me over.

The sale left me with one custom order with two pieces I will get made up today as well as a couple of sold pieces that I enjoy remaking. So today is laid out well for me. I'm also getting back to that crochet throw because seeing the end makes me want to work faster on it. Then I really need to carve out some time to make some more gifts. I have a handful of nieces that are at jewelry age and some cute earrings are in order. Which reminds me I really need to bit the bullet and make a supply order as well. I'm nearly out of everything, but I was afraid to order things with sales the way they've been. These last few days have given me a little cushion to work with, so it's time to get on with that as well. Here's to a happy, productive day for us all!

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