Friday, December 21, 2012

Free Time

I think it's fairly safe to say that I do not do well with free time. I thought for a while yesterday morning that I would do nothing for the day. I'd just get the laundry done and watch television. Wait, no, I'll get that list made up of all the pieces I need to get made and then I'll relax. Well, that got done, now I can stop working. Oh, I know I'll get the hardware put on the pile of lace I hadn't finished yet and then I'll stop. Maybe I'll just get one piece from the list made up. The day went on like that until I had gotten all those tasks done as well as made up four pieces from the list including this one that I had forgotten how much I liked.

I suspect today will be no different except as soon as the kids leave to spend some time with Grandma, I've got to start wrapping the present stash. Every year so much time passes between the purchasing and the wrapping that I often forget all the things we bought so they'll be a bit of a treasure hunt first. The pile is a little lighter this year than usual of course, but there's still plenty to do.

This weekend will likely see cleaning and preparing for the holiday, as well as some much needed gathering with friends. I am so looking forward to the aftermath of the holidays. The quiet while the children are still entranced with new things and I can work on things that have been waiting patiently. Of course I'm getting ahead of myself again, we're not there yet and there is still plenty of tatting on my plate for now.