Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Horror

You know how I was worried I would make too many mistakes in the first pattern I released for sale. the Christmas Ornament Motif? When a couple of days went by I thought I was in the clear, but I was wrong. I got a message last night while I was out letting me know that I had in fact allowed a few strange typos to live on. I seriously felt horrible about this...horrible, and embarrassed. The culprit was the auto correct function in the text program. I'm so used to those damn things I hardly pay them any mind, but every time I wrote a double stitch number like this, '8ds' it would try to change it to 'ads'. I should have stopped when I realized this and figured out how to turn that function off, but I didn't. I combed through the pattern and I thought I had found them all and corrected them, but I was mistaken and I converted the whole thing to a PDF warts and all. My husband asked if I should have had him proofread it, but I'm not sure he would have caught it not being familiar with tatting abbreviations. Next time I release a pattern, I will call for a test tatter to do that. Of course that won't be at least until the start of the new year, but my lesson is learned. I did fix the mistakes and send out a revised pattern to all those who purchased it so far with an apology and I hope that's the last time I need to do that, but at least I know how to handle it if it should occur again.

Other than all the pattern issues, I worked on remaking just like I said I would, stalling and all. I managed to even finish remaking one mask despite all my attempts to avoid the task. It was a much calmer sales day than it's been lately so I only have one more small piece in queue to be remade and after that I still have at least two masks that have sold over the last couple of months that I didn't bother remaking. I'm not sure if I'll get on task enough to tackle those masks, but I shall try to stay focused on work anyway. It'll take my mind off the rookie pattern mistake. Oh well, you can't go back right? Always forward, made wiser by our mistakes.


rsmre said...

Thank you for the updated pattern. I received it in my email this morning. No need to feel horrible or embarressed.

Unknown said...

Ce n'est pas grave . Qui ne fait pas d'erreur ?