Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Happy Tuesday, Merry Christmas and I think Kwanzaa starts tomorrow, so happy to that as well. I suppose the point is, there is a lot of celebrating going on this time of year as we try to get through the winter with friends and family and look forward to the sun as the days slowly get longer. I can't wait for the days to get longer and I hope you're enjoying any time you're spending with those family and friends and if you're not, there's always the internet to entertain you.

So let's see, I got very little done yesterday as my brother is staying with us and adds an extra bit of crazy to household. He enjoys being uncle jungle gym and it gets loud around here. I did finish cleaning up the house for today and I even picked up my tatting corner a bit. It gets mightily out of hand with rolls of thread, random doodads and discarded bits that I can't quite throw away. I finished a week of Wunderkammer blog posts, crocheted a bit on the afghan and I made myself another pair of the knitted mitts I mentioned yesterday.

Usually I go with gray or black for nearly everything I make, but the purple matches my hair and I thought that might be nice for another pop of color. I did this pair a little different than the pattern, because I can't seem to leave well enough alone. I added a couple of stitches at the garter end and a couple on the other end as well to make them a bit longer and I love them like this. The pattern I used was brought on etsy here if you're interested in them. It was a really quick knit even though I kept starting over when I made a mistake. In fact I'm kind of hoping that more family or friends will request a pair so I can keep making them for a while.

The family will be over this evening for a non traditional holiday dinner and once our kids wake up and tear through their gifts, the house will ring with the sounds of video games and other playful noises. I plan on crocheting much of the day away until the meal when the house is bound to get beyond chaotic with 8 kids, pie and gifts. Tomorrow will be for recovery.

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