Thursday, December 20, 2012


Schooling wrapped for the year yesterday. I put away all the books, moved the table out of the room and cleaned the loft. Sure it all starts up again in a couple of weeks, but looking at that clean, fresh room, ready to host Christmas presents was such a sweet relief. I do still have the rest of the house to clean up as well, but the children have been surprisingly good about cleaning up after themselves recently. Of course the last giant clean up was only a month ago, so they haven't had much time to do any real damage. It shouldn't be too much stress to get to ready for company provided I can manage the motivation to do so.

Of course once that was done, I just wanted to vegetate, but we had our family dental appointments right after lunch. By the time we were back it was clear that I was getting no tatting done at all. Instead I managed to finish putting together the few Christmas motif ornaments I made as coworker gifts for my husband. I was going to stiffen them, but then it occurred to me that they would do just as well as small doilies, so I decided to just put them on the hooks and let them be removable if them want to use them somewhere other than on the tree.

We drove around after dinner to look at Christmas lights then I spent the rest of the evening working on the latest crochet afghan. I've finally gotten back to where I was before I made the hook error and had to rip countless rows out. It's still going to be a month or two before it's ready to cover a chair though. I think today I'm going to make out a physical list of the pieces I need to remake for the shop so I can start checking it off. I don't know how focused I'll manage to remain as the children enjoy their first day of freedom, but it'll be a start I guess. Then I'll need to wrap gifts, revisit the art project, and get ready for taxes. Most of that list is really long term though...not today. No, today I'll just make that list and enjoy the lack of vital tasks.

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