Monday, December 24, 2012


It was such a very long weekend that I'm having trouble this morning remembering what it was that I did first. On Friday I managed to get all the presents wrapped quickly and efficiently, leaving me plenty of time to work on the list of tatting, but I didn't. No, instead I fell victim to a cute knitting pattern I saw from the featured seller on etsy this week. It was a nice, simple mitt pattern and I dug through my stash of yarn, which is much smaller than my stash of thread and made a pair of them for each of my girls. Then we all stayed up late watching movies to celebrate the Solstice.

Saturday required us to run some last minute errands in the rain. Luckily the trip to the mall was fairly painless and all those last minute things were mostly taken care of including buying more, better yarn so I could make myself a pair of mitts. When were were home I knitted and tatted and waited until the evening when we heading to a friends house for a holiday get together. Again we stayed up late and had a merry time.

By Sunday I think I was suffering a little sleep deprivation, partly from the intentional staying up late and partly because our neighbors have this set up in their back yard. Yes, I said back yard, where it shines a light worthy of a stadium into our bedroom that no blinds can keep out. I'm all for festive lighting, but they don't entertain in the backyard and they keep adding more LED craziness. It's madness, madness, I tell you. I did manage some more tatting, some more wrapping and the final errands for Tuesday.

So I guess that brings up to this week. I got a few unexpected orders over the weekend that I need to send out first thing this morning and then there will be last minute cleaning, more mitt knitting which I promise some picture of and probably enough downtime to encourage me to pick a few more pieces from the list to tat up. I've also got to start on the tutorial for tatting onto jewelry bases soon. which will most like be a bobby pin flower. I want to get it up as early in the new year as possible so I can start the year feeling productive. I would send you a holiday wish today, but I'm likely to write again tomorrow as sleeping in is not an option in our house, but if you don't read tomorrow, have a Merry Christmas or if you don't celebrate, have a lovely Tuesday.


rsmre said...

Wishing you and yours a Blessed Christmas Season. Uh, nobody with children will be sleeping in tomorrow morning. That's a guarantee.

Meg said...

Blessings to you and yours from the snowy East Coast, and Thank You for thinking of those of us who don't celebrate this holiday. That's rare and it's much appreciated.