Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So Much Work

Yep, it was as exhausting a day as I thought it was going to be. I worked on the last mask for the large order before and after schooling. I took a few short breaks from it to remake some small things for the shop, but that was pretty much my day. This wasn't the last mask, this was the one I finished yesterday that was done in custom colors for the same order. I have to say I like the fire mask with the black center a little better than the brown version. Maybe when I'm granted some more time, I'll make another up like this.

I don't have any time for that now though. I am caught up on all my orders, the big one goes out this morning, but I still have so many things that I should remake it's a little intimidating. I'm doing the whole, 'where should I start' thing that generally ends up with me stalling for hours. I now have six masks that need to be remade, two slave bracelets, and a large assortment of other things that have been piling up. At the same time I'm hoping for more holiday sales. In fact I just began offering a free upgrade to Priority shipping with all overs over $40, hoping to nudge a few more buyers to get ordering. I keep seeing people closing up shop for the holidays already or setting up shipping deadlines so they don't have angry customers whose packages didn't arrive in time. I never really saw the point of doing that. I figure just be up front about the possibility of things not arriving and let people shop when they want.

Man, you must be sick of all this retail talk lately. I'm sorry, but it's what's on my mind. I swear there will be more wonderful tatting talk in a few weeks...I hope. I have plans for more patterns for sale, tutorials and I will have to get back to the art project I began just before the madness started. All that should make for much better reading. For now though, you'll have to suffer the online retail drama that is the holidays.

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Anonymous said...

The retail talk is OK, it's the holidays so it makes sense that's where your priorities would be. I hope this season, and all this work you put in for it, is profitable for you.