Friday, December 7, 2012

Pretty Rings

This holiday season is killing me, seriously. There is no rhyme nor reason I can discern as far as my shop goes. One day it's terribly busy and I'm excited to get to work and the next, a complete ghost town. It's not like this is weekday versus weekend or anything that makes sense either. I'm trying to just go with the flow, but the flow is more like the Himalayas, steep, uncomfortable and occasionally deadly. Okay, that last part might be an extreme exaggeration, but I think I might actually be looking forward to January when the shop becomes consistent again. Sure, it's will be consistently slow, but at least it will be predictable.

I did try to ignore the silence, I did have a few tasks on hand, after all. First up was a custom order for two of my newer rings. The order was for the one in pinks and the one in purples. I just figured since I had more colors on hand when they were finished I'd take some new pictures for the listing. I still didn't have any natural light since the clouds are maintaining dominance here, a fact I think that is contributing to my general malaise, but I managed some fairly accurate color captures anyway. The ones I just made are destined to be gifts for a little girl. I'm pretty sure they will be well received as my own child loves the ring and if it can survive her, it's pretty sturdy too.

Then I did some grown-up tasks that I had been avoiding. I spent money on supplies, paid an unexpected bill and got the children's work samples ready to send to the teacher. I did not like any of that. I spent the rest of the afternoon remaking a choker. Well, the part of the afternoon that wasn't sucked away by a new casual game my husband gifted me for St. Nick's Day...damn him. Like I needed something else to distract me from what actually needs to get done.

As you likely guessed from my opening paragraph I got no new sales yesterday so I went to bed worried a little for today, but overnight I received one new order giving me something that needs doing this morning. So today, I'll add the new ring photos to the listing, remake a choker, the same one I remade yesterday oddly enough and then if silence prevails I'll get to gift making. I think that feels like a pretty full day. Off to it then.

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