Friday, December 14, 2012

The End Of The Week

This was one of those weeks that felt glacier slow while it was occurring, but here at the end I wonder where the week went. I've been keeping fairly quiet with my nose to the grindstone trying to get things remade so I can take advantage of the quickly shrinking window of holiday sales. This has left no time for creativity, adventure or much cleaning either. I'm not really complaining about that last bit there, but I have definitely let things slide that I probably shouldn't. After all the next holiday is close and they'll all be back to our house. Well, not all of them. There won't be any out of town guests this time, but our family here is big enough as it is and cleaning will again have to occur.

So let's see what did I tat up yesterday. Five pairs of earrings, one bracelet and I finally finished those two masks as well. All the earrings are done in size 20 and since I generally work in size 10, I'm not as comfortable with the smaller needle and it strains my hands a bit. Every time I finish a piece in 20, I think how pretty and delicate it is and I wonder why I don't use it more. Then I realize my hands are achy and the needle is bent and I'm just too much of a brute when I tat to use 20 and that thin needle too often. I've mentioned that I break needles too, right? This one was a sewing needle I broke repairing a stuffed animal, but I've victimized a few tatting needles as well.

While I'm telling stories, I forgot to tell this one from a week or so ago. This is the only time of year that I get any significant number of sales from guys. They are much different shoppers than women and I get the occasionally odd request. This year I got one where I was left a note at checkout asking me to draw a kitty on the box. Well, I don't ship in boxes, but as I've seen other people do this sort of silly thing on packages and receipts, I thought, why not? So this is the kitty I drew on the package. It's not a great depiction, but I thought it was cute and I think we all need a little cute here at the end of the week.


** jess! ** said...

Love the kitty!

I have broken a few needles as well. :o( No fun!

StringyDogs said...

You know, I love the kitty, too! No surprise that a talented tatter should be a good drawer!

Vicky said...

That kitty is adorable!

Curious: How do you keep your different sized needles organized? I just got 2 matching sets of needles from Hobby Lobby recently, so that I can do two-needle tatting. But I'm finding it hard to tell which needles are which sizes. How do you keep them straight?

(And speaking of straight, I was pretty sure I was going to bend the needle on a few occasions!)