Friday, December 28, 2012


I thought about not writing at all this morning since yesterday was so awfully boring, but I just couldn't do it. I've been writing here Monday through Friday for...I guess it'll be five years in March. That's a fairly well established routine there. Sure there have been a few breaks in those years, but mostly they were because I was out of town before I acquired a smart phone, so a boring day is just not enough of an excuse to break with the routine.

I did stay on task yesterday and finished three things off the list that needed remaking. There are now plenty of things crossed off, but there are plenty more to go including some masks. I'm not getting round to those anytime soon though. I also managed a few more rows on my crochet afghan in the evening, but I fear I'm beginning to show some wear from the constant working. My hands were quite achy just before bed. The last time that happened was when I was trying to take care of the lost fashion show package and a bulk order at the same time a couple of years ago. I know it just means I need to take a bit of a break with my hands, but my hands like to be busy all the time and it's hard to let them stay idle for any length of time.

So today it's back to the list to try to cross a few more things off before we start a new year. None of the things I asked the Universe for yesterday were delivered aside from a little motivation. I think I was being too demanding, so today I'll just request a nice productive day and less achy hands. I'd also like a nice relaxing weekend with a little something interesting thrown in for an entertaining blog post on Monday. I think that will do for now.

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geraldine said...

Oh please never give up on writing, we may not always post comments but it is nice to hear what everyone is up to in tat land. Me I don't post enough as work get's in the way.