Monday, December 10, 2012

Highs And Lows

Remember that slightly ridiculous Himalayas reference I made on Friday? Up one day, down the next? Well, it continued throughout the weekend. I got two amazing and large orders from the same wonderful customer giving me much to do and then the next day, crickets and more crickets. I'm not going to take a lot of time to complain about the crickets though because I do have plenty of work ahead of me and complaining about something I have no control over would be a waste of time, but I can wonder and work at the same time. I do so wonder why this holiday season has been so wildly unpredictable, much more so than any previous year I can remember. I'm surrounded by other etsy sellers on twitter and it seems to be a trend. Some people seem to be having a fine season while other veteran sellers are experiencing the same turmoil I am. Of course it may just be that there are so many more of us each year and the choices to buy handmade have grown so much that it's just getting much harder to get noticed. Well, that's enough wondering I do have much work to do.

The large order I received contained three masks that needed making and I've managed to get two of them done so far. I didn't have many other plans over the weekend so there was a lot of watching bad television with the family and working. I should get the last of the three masks made today, but my work is not done there. I have a new queue of pieces that need remaking and it is large and there isn't a moment to lose. As I'm fond of reminding myself, I can't sell it, if it isn't listed. There is very little time left to court holiday shoppers and I still need many more sales if I'm going to salvage the rest of the season. So it's nose the grindstone and thread in the needle, fingers crossed and tatting away the next couple of weeks.

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