Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Yes, I'm still tired, but man did I stall a lot yesterday. I sat down down to make a cuff bracelet before schooling with the intention of finishing it promptly when schooling was done. Now, I have an excuse as to why that didn't happen. During school time I was talking back and forth with a customer that wanted a necklace shipped express for Friday and then wanted it customized as well. Now luckily they were very communicative and what could and could not be achieved and how much it would cost was accepted. As soon as school was over I had to quickly work to add a long chain to a back drop necklace and get it shipped. All the rushing around put me out of my rhythm and I spent way more time than I'd like to admit stalling rather than working on what needs to be done.

Once I calmed down a bit I got that bracelet finished and then tackled another dilemma. There are a few color pieces I've been making for years and since I only had access to cheaper thread back then I've been remaking those same pieces in the old thread. Some shades I was able to easily switch over to better thread with no appearance differences from the existing photographs as it ran out, but yesterday I had a green bracelet to remake, I was out of the original thread and the none of the greens I had on hand matched well enough. Should I just not remake it at all? Should I attempt to edit the existing photos to reflect the new color? Eventually I gave up, made it in a new green and took new photographs. I am trying to make sure that all the thread I use is quality thread now that I know where to get any color I need...mostly.

Let's see, what else? Oh, I forgot to mention that I finished the afghan I was crocheting for our new chairs. The plan was always to make two of them with the same yarn so that they go together in the room, so I began a second one in a different pattern. I know, how do I even have time for this project too? It's my wind down project. Before the afghans, in the evening I would relax for an hour or so watching television with the kids and no tatting. So now I'm just crocheting while I do that. It's mindless repetition so it still has a nice relaxing effect and after a few months I'll have another blanket, so productive relaxation.

Today should be a lot like yesterday was suppose to be before the necklace distraction that started an avalanche of stalling. Remake, remake, remake, all day long. Now if I can only stay focused on that today.

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louine said...

Glad to see someone else uses knitting and/or crocheting as a wind down craft.....afgans and scarves with fairly simple repeated patterns are what I go for in the winter to wind down and get me ready to sleep for the night.