Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back To Work

When days go exactly as I predict in my early morning blog post, I don't assume I planned well, I assume that I'm getting prophetic, which is of course ridiculous. It does make me want to write that someone will make me rich and famous today though. Whatever explanation one chooses to describe it, I did indeed stall the morning away followed by getting to work as I said I would. I still took a few crochet breaks, but I'm now committed to the queue.

At this point, I think it's close to a couple dozen pieces on the list and unfortunately quite a few of them are larger projects like masks and collar chokers so no matter how committed I am or how fast I work, each day will only see the creation of one or two pieces. This has the side effect of making me extremely boring, not only during my blog post, but also during the day. When I'm in work mode I tend to get very quiet online. On a normal day, the kids snap me out of it, but they received very time consuming gifts and I'm pretty sure they couldn't care less what I'm up to right now. The other effect of remaking the slow to make pieces is that getting so little done leaves me with no sense of accomplishment. This turns into a lack of motivation eventually, so I must work fast before that sets in. So, dear Universe, I ask for those pleasant surprises I mentioned, energy and motivation to work and while you're at it a nice wrap up to the year for everyone that could use it.

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