Monday, December 17, 2012

Small Gifts

I'm not really sure how to start on the weekend recap this morning as Friday was kind of a terrible day for most parents I imagine. I coped by being able to hug my kids at any given moment and by keeping my head mostly off the internet and just kept tatting. I worked on several pieces getting quite a few smaller things remade for the shop, though not surprisingly, it was incredibly quiet there as well.

Saturday was a more uplifting day, we went as a family to go see The Hobbit. I personally had no complaints about the movie, except perhaps that we have to wait so long for the next part. Well that and it was so long that the entire day was essentially shot. We did nothing else really the rest of the day. I did discover as I sat down to work on the newest afghan that I had made a terrible mistake several rows ago. I had left two crochet hooks in the bag and at some point I picked up the smaller of the two to start working on it and hadn't noticed until I picked the whole piece up and saw the horrible distortion in size. So I got to undo much of the work until I got back to where I was clearly still using the right hook. I then removed the offending hook from the bag so it couldn't happen again. So that was fun.

Sunday was the day of gift tatting. As even views in my shop have gone from nearly 1000 a day to I think 300 something I figured most if not all the Christmas shopping has been done. I really still hope that's not the case because I still need  to make quite a bit more thins month if I want to come anywhere near last years numbers, but I digress. The lack of views and sales told me it was time to stop stalling and make all the tatted gifts I keep saying I planned on making. It's quite a little pile of bits. Mostly they are earrings for my nieces that have finally started to take a shine to what I do. There are a couple of other pieces hidden in the pile for other people too. They all need their hardware and to get boxed and wrapped. I think there might be a few more things to make, but I'm not sure what to make for the last few folk on the list. I always worry about giving tatting to people who haven't specifically mentioned that they like it. I'm always afraid they'll view it like it's macaroni art or something.

So today I'll finish work on the gifts and after some stalling I imagine that I'll get back to work remaking things for the shop. Sales may have dried up but that doesn't mean I don't have plenty of work left to do. There are only three days left of schooling this week and then it's onto cleaning the house for the holidays too. Man, it's going to be one heck of an exhausting week.

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