Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Wow, for the first time ever I was contacted by both winners I'm guessing as soon as they saw the post. So both those prizes are being sent on their way this morning. As much as I enjoy doing giveaways I think that I'm officially worn out on them for the time being.

In other news I did get the new kitty ears finished and finally listed too. Don't worry that's just a blond wig I'm wearing in the photo. My hair is freshly dyed all nice and blue and purple, but folks don't like to buy things other people have worn on their heads. We'll see how it's received now that it's listed and that will determine whether I bother making more or not.

Other than that I spent the day working on some ankle corsets just to get some extras made up. I also ran out to overnight a pair of them to someone very interesting. No, I'm not going to tell you who, but it's just another one of those might be something great, might be nothing at all things. You know how I feel about raising hopes, but it was, as I said, an interesting sale.

I don't have anything but production work planned for today, so look out for another boring post tomorrow morning. Well, this was quite a short post, but I've nothing else to share so it will have to be enough. I guess I'm off to my treadmill now.

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Nedret said...

Very very good:)))