Friday, September 16, 2011

More Working

Yesterday was definitely quieter than the day that preceded it. There were not dozens of emails to field and the children were actually quite calm most of the day. So, yes I spent a great deal of the morning waiting for the other shoe to drop while not getting much done in the process. Then I managed to focus and got to work.

I finished up the ankle corsets I was working on and the custom length bracelet. I lengthened the chains on two sold necklaces and I got the whole lot ready to ship out. This is the point where I was faced with a decision. I could go ahead and start remaking a few things or I could get started on the custom request that has yet to actually be purchased. Normally I wouldn't even consider such a foolhardy thing, but I actually wanted to see how this project would turn out so that's what I spent the rest of the day doing. It's not finished yet so I'll be sure to get a picture of it before the day is out so you can see it, just in case it does in fact get purchased as planned. Otherwise it will just get listed in the shop anyway. Oh, what is it? It's a small scale version of my sugar skull mask and by small scale I mean it's more of an eye mask and thus loses much of the sugar skullness. It should still retain the hint that it represent a skull though.

So I'll send out that order reminder email to that customer this morning and finish the mask either way. Then it really is back to remaking things for the shop. Every time I seem to get caught up, I just slide right back into the whole. I may be exhausted, but busy sure beats bored any day. We are also taking our annual trip to the Northern California Renaissance Faire this weekend. It's supposed to be a cool 74º in the mountains and it should be a lovely time. It also means I will likely spend Sunday just recuperating from walking about the day before thus getting nothing of interest done. I should at least have some nice pictures to share with you though. That will be nice right? See you all then.

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