Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And Done

Ah, another day exactly as planned. I pressed the new pieces and got them all listed in one sitting. So that's brings us to a total of six new colored journey bracelets with earrings to match. I thought about making some more in other colors, I still have many rolls of Lizbeth that have yet to be cracked open, but I was getting bored with myself. Instead I buckled down and got that supply order put in that I've been stalling about. I really hate doing them for a few reasons. One, they cost a lot. Two, I always forget something only to remember it days later. And three, I always end up buying something completely unnecessary to get my item count high enough to reach the next discount level. I still haven't remembered what I must have forgotten to order this time, but the other two points are alive and well.

So that brings us to today's tasks. I need to finish remaking the necklace I was working on yesterday and then my day is wide open.  There is nothing left to remake and I guess I could bust open more thread colors or maybe I'll get creative and make some one offs. Though my shop is getting rather full and I fear difficult to navigate. Maybe I'll check my masks and see what is still listed as custom there and get those made. Yeah, I have no idea what I'll get up to, but you're certain to hear about it.

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