Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As I thought , yesterday was a big lot of boring. I tried to start a couple of pairs of ankle corsets assembly line style, but I just didn't have the rhythm down that makes it work well. This means I'll just e back to those today.

Since I haven't much to share tatting wise I thought I'd address something else this morning. After I made a small complaint in the giveaway winners post lamenting the normal lack of comments here I got a few emails from folks who can't comment since they get they read the blog via email. While it was lovely to hear from them it made me realize that I was falling into that trap again. You know the one where you think everything you do and say requires validation because you've spent too much time online where such validation is generally so forthcoming. It's the 'oh no, no comments means no one likes me anymore!!!!' Of course that is ridiculous, but this Internet thing has turned a lot of us into creatures who think that comments and views equal acceptance. That the number of followers and 'friends' are important to your status as a human being.

Intellectually I know that this is all a load, that what I write and create needs no outside validation to be of worth, but I still fall into the trap every once in a while. Please don't think I'm some sort of drama queen or attention hog because of these occasional whiny outbursts. I don't actually need any comments to keep writing, I do it as much for me as I do it for an audience. I don't need tons of views on my creations as long as I get the ones that count and I prefer followers and 'friends' of quality over quantity.

Thanks for reading todays rant. I'll be back to production work today though I did get an interesting custom request that I need to address today and if that goes forward 'll be working on that instead. It's an odd one though, so it may not happen at all. I can't make everything people seem to think I can. oFf to it then and have a lovely day.

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Fox said...

Whew - glad to know I am not alone in this little ...hmmm ... foible!
Fox ; ))