Monday, September 19, 2011

Woo Hoo

For today's post we shall work backwards over the weekend if that's okay with you. Last night I got a strange convo with a simple line of praise. These sort of things rarely come out of the blue so I popped online to see if anything was going on and behold, my sugar skull mask has graced the front page.

I totally look forward to the Halloween season on etsy all year long because it's my time to get a little extra attention with my masks. Honestly they actually sell better other times of the year, I think because there are so many less expensive options to choose from, but I still get the attention with my fancy designs and that makes me pleased as punch. The feature also broke me through my most recent goal of 9000 hearts or people adding my shop as a favorite. It was a nice surprising evening though I received not a single sale as a result of the hour. Still a very nice cap on the weekend.

Saturday was spent at the faire. I left many dollars there mostly for the children and food. As you can see from this end of the day picture, they had a splendid time. Oh, we did too, I'm just grumpy because I didn't find anything perfect to buy and I left with a sunburn. Otherwise, the weather was lovely and we had a fine time.

As far as tatting goes, I've been working on a few different custom orders. The mask was purchased and I will finish it up, get some pictures and have it out in the mail tomorrow. The other customs were just some color changes and length extending. Those too need pressing and might get out in the mail today or tomorrow. Then it's back to remaking a few pieces for the store and deciding whether I should make the custom small skull mask for the shop or not. I'm still on the fence about it, but I have plenty to keep me busy. Oh, Monday here we go again.


Lisa Leggett said...

Hi There~
I too was at the Faire on Saturday, it was nice to see such a big crowd there. As much as I'd like to have the place to myself, without a crowd, there'll eventually be no faire. I actually thought I saw you, but I was too shy to say hello. I wish I would have though, I was with my mom, and she was wearing the braclet I bought from you last year, she always wears it with her Ren Faire attire and it looks great! She would have loved to meet the talented lady who made it for her, she loves tatting.
Next time, I'll try not to be so inward and dorky. Have a great day! said...

Dude! You also are on One Pretty Thing on Sept 19th under Jewelry Making Round Up. I was scrolling down and recognized the mustache!

That's pretty cool...

TotusMel said...

@Lisa, you should have said hi! And I'm so glad that your mother likes her bracelet!

@victats Ooh, thanks for letting me know, I hadn't seen that.

CrochetBlogger said...

Congrats on the 9000 hearts milestone on Etsy!