Friday, September 9, 2011

Kitty Ears

As of this writing, we just need one more person to enter the giveaway and I'll throw another super secret prize into the mix. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that happens and let you know what that prize is... it's a pair of my In Bloom Ankle Corsets. So if you still haven't entered by commenting on the giveaway post, you might want to get on it. This is the last time I mention it and I will pick winners Monday morning before I post and you know I post at an ungodly hour.

I was off most of the day with the kids at a field trip to the park. There was much play and merriment and I was pretty exhausted when we got back. I did however have an interesting idea. You see the whole tatted mustache thing got me thinking about about other costume bits I could tat up. I thought why not kitty ears on a headband? Well it turns out as easy as working up a tatted triangle is, making it attach standing up on a headband makes this a bit of a challenging project.

What I have here was the first prototype and though I wasn't happy with the stitch count, I had figured out the attachment method. I added along the bottom edge a set of mirrored chains that created a stand for the ear. An unexpected bonus was a slight curve in the design that means I won't even need to stiffen the lace. I really don't ever like stiffening my work, so that was a really great development. I still need to pick up some black headbands so I can sew a set of ears on, so these may not appear in the shop for a little while. I also need to make sure I can ship them in my existing envelopes...they should fit, but it's not something I've done before and I'm too lazy to get up and get measurements right now.

Other than the cat ears, I don't have any real tatting plans this weekend unless I get orders to take care of. I know I really should get some masks listed as custom made up just in case I start to get Halloween traffic. Honestly though, I don't get as much as you think...I'm pretty sure it's because there are a plethora of much cheaper masks to buy, but I digress. I have also included a picture of one white kitten in the basket that the cats have all appropriated with the help of the children and I'm off and you all enjoy the weekend.

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r0xanne said...

I love, love, love this idea! But I hate headbands.... Is it all possible to attach them to hair combs? They'd be easier to ship too. If you can get that idea to work out, you know I'll be first to order. Heck, I suffer through a night with a headband on just to wear something that unique and cute.