Friday, September 23, 2011

The Lock

The lock, she is done. I went with the escutcheon and apparently that was what I should have done all along instead of forcing the idea into a padlock shape. An escutcheon can be dramatic and overly ornate and, well, it doesn't require a locking loop on top. Instead I used the same basic outside as my awareness ribbon pendants with some stitch count changes and then I created the key hole shape in the center. This is the second version as they were a couple of stitch changes made after the first. I already sold one of these and that always makes me extraordinarily happen.

Next up in the day was mail time. Along with some supplies I was waiting for, I got this little beauty. It's from Ann Martin who was one of the most recent winners of one of my giveaways. She is also, as you might guess a master at paper quilling. That is the one paper craft that really intrigues me...not that I have the time to learn another labor intensive, intricate skill. Anyway, this picture does not do the pendant justice. It's black, silver gilded paper and I looked at it with much the same awe that people seem to look at tatting with. I don't fully grasp how it's created so it must be magic, wonderful magic.

The last event of the day was the creation of this bracelet. It was a request from my cousin who saw the escutcheon on facebook. I wasn't sure the design would translate so I told her I try it out and let her know. It wasn't finished until late last night, so she still hasn't seen it yet. It still needs a good pressing, but I think it will do the trick. If I get the chance I'll make up a second one for the shop. Anything to keep from getting back to remaking sold necklaces. I am just not in the mood for production work right now. Well, I think that's it for me. No big plans this weekend so we'll just see where it takes me.


Arbol de Agua said...

Great idea to tat the key and the lock. Very creative work, Congrats!

Anonymous said...

There, you did it again! Another wonderful, creative design. I was following your agonising over the process, and I just *had* to tell you I think the finished design is "practically perfect in every way" :-)