Thursday, September 1, 2011


The mail came early yesterday and my thread order was there so I went to work on the custom order that I needed to finish and that is pretty much the whole of the day. I mean, I did press the new scarf in anticipation of photographing and listing it, but I never got around to it. I even stumbled upon a few more pieces of jewelry on etsy that gave me tatting ideas, but I just saved the images and did nothing with them. I know this may shock a few of you, but basically once that order was done, I took a break for the rest of the day.

So what then is on tap for today, you ask? Well, I guess I will actually get some scarf photos and get those listed. I also sold my first ribbon crest necklace yesterday, which was my first sale in almost a week, so I may go ahead and make up a a few in other colors. Not sure though since I am running low on the chain I used and I'm not really ready to make a supply order right now. I might just do the tatted portions and save finishing them until I am ready for that order. I just like to wait until I need a good amount of things so I can get a better discount on everything. If creativity strikes, I might play around with the new ideas I got from other jewelry. So yes, it's another one of those unplanned days that could go any direction. Which way will I go...which way, which way? (p.s. the jellyfish, as a drifter, represents this dilemma perfectly...also it's pretty and I don't have any new cat pictures.)

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