Monday, September 26, 2011

Is It Fall Yet?

Let's see, what did I do over the weekend? Not too terrible much really. There were the usual errands and visits and the temperature here dropped from 102º Friday to 80º Saturday. Oh, and it rained a little both Saturday and Sunday. Sure, this isn't all that interesting, but it put me in an odd mood. I got a escutcheon bracelet made for the shop and I went ahead and remade a couple of necklaces that the shop was missing. Hell, I even sat down and put the hardware on a pile of jewelry and it takes a lot or me to want to do that.

Then I decided that it felt like fall. Never mind that according to the weather reports that it will be right back to summer for the rest of the week. It felt like fall yesterday when I decided to break open some of the wonderful colors of thread that I rarely use outside custom orders. I wanted to just make up some bracelets and earrings that felt like fall so I made a version of my Journey bracelet in harvest orange, gold and green. I still have a brick red and a purple based burgundy that I'd like to use as well, but even I can only tat so fast.

So up for today is some more remaking as I was lucky enough to snag a couple of sales over the weekend. They have been very sporadic lately, coming in bursts and then disappearing for days, so I never know when I'll be busy. Then I'll get back to the fall colors and try to get some of them listed today. It will be nice to have more colors in the shop if for no other reason than to really show customers the available colors. So that's it for me, nothing else of interest. Let's go out there and have a good week, shall we?


CrochetBlogger said...

I think your use of great fall colors was a terrific way to celebrate a day that felt like fall!

Crazy Mom! said...

As a southern gal, I might have said "Is it fall, ya'll?"

Love the colors