Monday, September 5, 2011


I have little to share on this holiday morning. Yes, I am still up at the crack of...OK we all know it's actually before dawn when I write, but yes I'm up. Even before I was working for myself I worked for a music shop that never closed for any holiday, so unless I've got actual vacation like plans, it's just another day for me. So, for Labor day, I shall labor because if I don't get things done today that just doubles the amount of things I have to do tomorrow.

I was most fortunate to receive two healthy sized orders in over the weekend. One contained, among other pieces, two bracelets that the customer wished in a different size, so those need to be made. The other order was three pieces that now need to be remade and listed again. It is such a relief to be busy after the bore of an August I just had. I tried to use my time wisely and design, but toward the end there I was just dragging through my days with no direction.

Let me see, was there anything else worth noting. Well there was a lovely email conversation with one of my favorite tatters. There was errand running and oh yes, I've been charged with making some pieces for my brothers wedding next month. I had offered, that even if my future sister-in-law just wanted some non tatted jewelry that I had the supplies and capabilities to make that for her and she finally took me up on the offer. I'm making some simple pearl bracelets for the flower girls which include my daughters and nieces. I'll also be making some organza flowers for her hair, though those pieces will contain just the smallest bit of tatting. I still have to wait for some supplies to arrive before I make those up though. The bracelets are done save for the last one which needs a measurement from someone I'm not related to in order to finish.

So today, it's finishing up those orders and remaking the sold pieces for the shop and toward the end of the day there will be barbequed meat and family...the meat is barbequed, not the family of course. Anyway, I shall leave you with the reason I didn't get as much done yesterday as I hoped. Someone all of a sudden decided she was a lap cat and I couldn't very well disturb the sweetness, now could I? Also these kittens are getting huge, in fact the lot of them have their first birthday this Wednesday. Maybe I should do a kitty birthday giveaway then...hmm. Well just be sure to stop by on Wednesday and see what I decided to do.

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rsmre said...

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since the kittens arrived at you house.