Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Color

Sometimes the day plays out exactly as I write it will in the morning. I suppose you could call that a self fulfilling prophecy, but a rather boring one. Maybe I should start writing more interesting predictions for the day and see what happens. So anyway, I went ahead and listed the new fall color bracelets and earrings in the afternoon. While nothing flew off the shelves, the green and orange shades got plenty of views and hearts...the golden shade got no love. I decided that it wasn't a horrible idea after all and got to work on three more sets. I keep calling them sets, but I did list them separately, so I suppose that's not really correct, but you get the idea.

For the second batch I went with some more darkened shades, though these ones actually remind me more of Winter than Autumn. There is burgundy, brick and dark mocha brown. I really like this Lizbeth burgundy, it has a nice purple base where my other burgundy shades lean more toward orange undertones. So today I'll get these all pressed and listed as well. I also got one of the two necklaces I needed to remake done up yesterday so today I might get to the other. It's an ivory one and I think I might be dangerously low on ivory thread. I know I'm getting dangerously low on many supplies, so it's probably time to bite the bullet and make a giant supply order again. Better now that when the holidays are closer I suppose, but I do so hate digging through all my tubs to determine what needs ordering.

I wish I had more interesting bits to share with you, but it was a pretty down day. Hopefully today will bring a surprise or two and I'll be a more interesting read.

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Gina said...

I like your colors but it could have to do with being from the midwest where the forests go on "fire" for the season. I don't know how it looks on the west coast. :-)