Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Touch Of Skull

Everything in my custom order queue got off in the mail yesterday afternoon, but I took pictures for once so I could show them off a bit. Here's the small scale skull mask. There were more than a few deviations from the larger version of the mask, but the eyes and nose are the same. I had to change up the white a bit to make it work around the eyes and added a finishing row as well. I did embroidery throughout the piece for that tied together look and because it makes it sparkle of course. I still haven't decided whether I should make if for the shop or not. I suppose now that I have a picture I can pose that question to the Internet...your opinions are highly valued.

This was the other custom piece, a pair of Queens Feet in white for a November Pirate beach wedding. The customer had asked for a few white or silver beads at the center. Once I heard it was a pirate theme though, these filigree beads seemed the perfect addition. Sure, you're not going to find many pirates wanting crystals, but shiny metal baubles are just the thing. I also added them to the ends of the ties so they will dangle on her legs as well.

The other custom order was just a size change so no picture is really necessary. Then I spent much of the afternoon remaking a few other pieces for the shop and then I decided that if it wasn't made at this time, I wasn't going to make it again unless asked. So that means I am currently caught up in the shop.

Just a few more things to share. Victats shared that my mustache tutorial was featured in the jewelry roundup on One Pretty Thing. You know how much I love when those tutorials are shared around, more tatting exposure is a good thing. Also I am dying for the new Charcoal Lizbeth thread, but it's not in size 10 yet. When it is, I shall acquire much of it...now I just need a shade in between that and the silver gray and I will be truly happy with my commercial thread color options. Think that's all the blathering I have to do today and we'll see what I can get up to.

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CrochetBlogger said...

Congrats on the custom orders as well as the tutorial feature!