Monday, August 3, 2015


Let's see, Friday I spent getting some pairs of pine cones made into earrings. I got three pairs made up before I decided that there were enough of them to put together a listing for them. It was a little harder making sure each variegated pair was matching enough, but I managed it. The earrings are listed in my shop here.

After that was done I pored through the Armenian lace book for a place to concentrate my attention. After all though pine cones I was doing pretty good with knots and spacing, so I figured it was time to try and take on one of the doilies again. Of course I managed to pick the one without a full set of instructions. The book has just the center written out and then you have to follow the picture since according to the book, this one was made several years before it was photographed for them. I really loved the middle part though, so I opted to give it a go.

The book notes that the one they had was made with sewing thread
and I'm using size 30 so it's already quite a bit bigger. That said, it's coming along pretty well. I also picked up some fray lock glue over the weekend to keep all the end knots permanent and trimmed down. I've had to add thread quite a few times already and I figured better safe than sorry with those new thread knots, especially since I hate leaving those tails for later and want to cut them off straight away. I'm also not super great on some of these fancier knot configurations, but several rounds of them is definitely good practice. So I guess if I do in fact finish this doily, it will be a messy practice piece, but that's how we learn, right?

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