Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I tend to clean when I have a reason to. Yesterday our cable was acting up, but before we could call someone to look at it we needed to clean where the equipment lives. I however, can never just clean that one thing, so I cleaned my desk area, the t.v. area, the laundry room and then did some laundry. It's a sickness I tell you. So the cleaning ended with the cable seemingly fixing itself and undoing the need for it in the first place. It had taken a big chunk out of the day so you can't even really tell that I made any progress on the knotted lace doily at all.

I answered a couple of questions about it elsewhere that I thought I'd mention here as well. It's size is about 10.75 inches across at this point. There's no mention of the final size in the book, but even if there were, the one pictured there was made with smaller thread. I know I've mentioned it before, but as I've been asked again, the book I'm using is a vintage Priscilla called the Armenian Lace Book. It was published in early 20's. I've been working on this piece almost non stop for the last 10-11 days, so I'd say I'm definitely slower at this than I am at tatting, but it's not really a fair comparison because I haven't made a tatted doily in years. I do know that even the large pieces of tatted lace I make don't take quite this long. Since I'm brand new to the knotted lace, I can't say that that means anything at all.

I'm looking at another day of knotting this doily and hoping that the cable doesn't unfix itself. I'm also hoping that I don't find another reason or room to clean, because I'm pretty tired of it at this point.


StringyDogs said...

I am envious. I have tried Oya and just can't seem to get it right. I end up with a lot of knotty thread. So, your doily looks AMAZING to me!

Carolyn said...

I am so inspired to try this skill out. I usually have a crafty project to do with my mom when she visits and this is the one I have chosen. I like that it takes very little in the way of supplies to get started and that I can find the supplies here in Singapore. May I ask what kind of thread you are using? Thank you for introducing me to so many different needle arts! 💕💕