Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Next Round

I did manage to avoid all forms of cleaning yesterday, save for picking up after myself. All that gained time got the doily all the way through this pattern section, the next plain loop round, and onto the square loop round. It's you're keeping track at home it's now at about 11.25 inches across and unfortunately the ruffle has not yet fully gone away. At this point I'm not hopeful that it will. I suppose after I finish I made be able to black it into shop, but since it's just a really, really long learning learning experience I'm not going to stress on it at all.

I was pretty proud of the square loop round so far. The last one I did was so very terribly inconsistent. I just did not have control over my loop sizes at all. I think that round after round of the last design has earned me some muscle memory. These first ones seem all the same. or close enough anyway.

After the square loops there's another round of plain loops and after that I have to do some counting to see how I need to modify the edge to work with whatever count I end up with. I should at least get to start all that today. There will be math involved so wish me luck.

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