Friday, August 14, 2015

Almost & Sale

Oh, how I thought I would get further on this yesterday. I was certain that I would speed through the square loop round, but not only did it take most of the day, I had to add thread three times. Then I thought the simple loop round would fly by, but then after a closer look at the photo I realized that there were two simple loop rows, not just one. The result of all that is it was quite late in the day when I was finally faced with any math.

The counting was scary too. I mean I was so off by the outside round that I'll need ten more medallions on the outer edge than the pattern I'm trying to replicate. Of course since I was on my own for most of it, just guessing what was to be done next, I suppose I shouldn't be too hard on myself. I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough thread to finish it though. The thread I'm using is a vintage ball of Clark's size 30 thread that was bought for me at a second hand store. I had already used much of it on the Armenian lace pieces I tried before this. So I ended up making one medallion, measuring the thread used and then doing more math to see how much I would ultimately require. Then I actually measured out that much thread. Yes, it was tedious. The result was that I do have enough so I share start on the medallion edge today. If history is any indication I'll be at it for quite some time.

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SWtrompeter said...

Your Armenian lace looks wonderful. Have a very happy birthday.

Jane McLellan said...

Happy birthday! You're making great progress, well done.