Thursday, August 6, 2015

Slow and Steady

I'm started to feel a little like a broken record as I work on this doily day in and day out. I mean I can see that it's noticeable getting bigger, but when I stopped working in the evening I still had two more rows of this fancy side stitch before I get to even go onto the next section. That's right all I did was the same stitch all day long. One length of thread doesn't even finish a round anymore, but if I make it longer it's too unwieldy.

Sure I used the repetitive nature of the stitch to relax a bit and read at the same time and got through nearly half a novel. I was also able to watch some shows with the kids all while knotting away, so there's that. I even took a break and cleaned out the pipes beneath our bathroom sinks, which was a horror show. Why? Well they were running slow and 30 minutes of horror plaque removal beats emergency plumber when the sinks have an eventual heart attack, right?

So today I'm hoping that I can at the very least finish this section and start the next one. I will have to find something else to photograph it on soon though. It's getting far too big for the kindle to be the background. At least that means I'm doing okay with progress, slow, but steady.

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Madtatter80 said...

I felt that way with my large doily I did, I was hoping people would not tire of seeing it. Well don't tire of seeing your doily it's beautiful and people that are into it don't seem to mind :) love your work:)