Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vague Idea

After a short day of mini schooling, we ran a couple of errands and then it was back home with no idea of what to do with my day. I mean I had some laundry to take care of, but otherwise I was lacking in ideas. Eventually I settled on crocheting up a length of RPL cord in order to try out an idea that actually has nothing to do with RPL at all. I got the length made, but didn't have time to try out the idea I had.

The idea, which I'll try out today involves using the cord as a base for some Armenian knotted lace. It works well in a circle with no other material, but all the instructions for straight lace have it worked on the edge of a piece of material or over a doubled piece of thread. I've tried the doubled thread and it was a nightmare for me. I just couldn't get it started properly to save my life. I figure the denseness of the cord should be perfect for giving me something to hold onto as well as looking nice as the base for a piece. What that piece will be is still up in the air. I've got some design ideas, but I need to do some math to figure it out. Yes, my favorite part of lace making, the math, but if I can suss it all out in advance it will work out better. So that's the plan today, math, then lace...hopefully.

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Fox said...

Crocheted cord - superb idea!!!