Friday, July 31, 2015

Round and Round was a mighty productive morning around here. The first thing I did was try to make the tassel pine cone pattern with variegated thread. I don't usually like using it for most things. The patterns it creates are often not pleasing to my eye, but for this knotted lace, it seems perfect. In fact I liked it so much that I dug out all the ones I had on hand. Most are Lisbeth, but a couple are hand dyed, not by me of course. Anyway I really loved the effect, so this is how I listed them as pendants. In fact I'm quite pleased to say that I have one going off to a new home this morning and I'm making a pair of earrings to send off today as well. Hopefully I'll get a couple more pairs made up and actually list them as earrings as well.

Once I had that listing up I decided to try the round pieces in the thicker thread and they work up surprisingly well. In fact I'm starting to become convinced that I'm just better at everything in size 10 thread. I thought a nice spot on top would be good for hanging, but now I think it looks a little silly so I'll likely remake it without that feature and then it can be a pendant as well. It holds it's shape quite well under pressure, so I'm confident it should wear well.

So I guess this weekend will be more Armenian knotted lace experiments. Oh, I am also sending the pair of Romanian Point Lace barefoot sandals to a home as well, so I can start designing my own pair from the ground up. It'll be hard not to copy the previous pair, but at least I now have permission from myself to work on the RPL again, so the weekend has plenty of options planned.


Carolyn said...

Love it! So inspiring.

Bernice said...

Wow you have picked up Oya very quickly, lovely work!

Madtatter80 said...

I agree about variegated colors but this pattern is an exception! they are beautiful!