Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I was all ready to get some tatting done and then I checked on the pieces I thought I needed to make. Turns out they were all pieces that I had already made extras of in the past. I of course used this as an excuse to just work on the knotted lace doily for a while. I started out the day by pressing the medallions that I had made so far. In between laundry and dishes, I got about five more made during the day and apparently forgot to take any pictures of the progress. I did measure the piece though to see what the final dimension will likely be. It seem like it's going to top out between 13 and 14 inches. I also started to think about maybe framing it for the wall when I'm done. It's certainly full of mistakes, but it still looks rather neat I think.

Toward the evening the tiredness brought on by the weekend revelries started to creep in and I was compelled to do something that takes a little less thought, so I did start tatting up one piece that sold, though I still have one on hand. Even though it's just the simple center start to my ankle corsets I took a picture of it. I thought the lace on lace was worth the minor exertion of effort.

I'll probably go back and forth between these two projects today as well. It's funny that after using the size 30 thread and the tiny sewing needle for so long, my usual tatting needle and size 10 thread feel like a giant's tool and rope. I'm sure that'll go away if I can remember to never stay away from the tatting for this long again.

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