Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mile of Knots

Another day, another mile of knots. Well, that's what it feels like anyway, though I wasn't very
focused. Without my laptop sitting next to me, I was a bit more antsy than usual. This resulted in my getting up and cleaning things at strange intervals all day. While that's probably better for the cleanliness of my house, I think this behavior would drive me mad eventually. Like I said, I did get some more work done on the doily.You can finally see what the pattern on the outside is doing. Though I screwed up royally on it. There was some miscounting on my part and I think that is what contributed to the ruffle that is not laying down as quickly as I had hoped.

There have also been a few smaller mistakes, but I'm not about to even try to cut them out and start again. It's forward to the end on this one. I still have quite a few rounds before this pattern section is finished, but it's been my favorite to work so far. After this it's another round of square loops, which are not my favorite, a simple loop round and then the edging of individual rounds. Since I know my count is way off from the original pattern, there will have to be more counting and adjusting to make it work once I get there. That's probably quite a while away though. So today there will be yet another mile of knots.


Cornelia said...

Wunderschön! Das würde ich auch gerne lernen. Gibt es dazu eine Anleitung oder ein Buch??

Sharlyn said...

beautiful! did you use a needle or a shuttle?