Monday, August 24, 2015


So, early Friday I washed the new doily and laid it out to dry. I don't normally bother, but since I was framing it, I wanted it super clean. This also meant I had to wait for it to dry and it wanted to take its time doing so. I had another little project with the kids, so I worked on that instead. We had recently put some new sugar skulls heads on the wall and we had a small space that wanted filling, so we found an appropriately sized skull acquired during one of our walks, and a piece of laser cut wood from the craft store. We whitened the skull, painted the wood, and then decided that a small piece of knotted lace would be a great finishing touch. I tried to manipulate the natural circle into more of an oval as I made it. It worked out pretty well and took most of the time I needed for that doily to dry.

On Saturday I got a piece of thick, black textured paper and cut it to fit the frame. I spent the morning tacking it onto the paper carefully with clear filament thread. I had intended to put it behind glass, but the frame I got had a plastic sheet instead. It warped the lace something fierce when looking at it from any angle other than straight on, so I opted to frame it without it. It went up on the wall pretty quickly as well. You can also see where the skull piece went as well as a lovely photograph I received for a birthday present.
By Sunday, I was playing around with knotted lace ideas and working on getting some pieces tatted for the shop. Schooling officially starts next week, but we're going to start getting to work today. I have a nasty habit of wanting to be ahead in everything. I love time cushions that allow us to play hooky every so often, or just be a little lazy once in a while. That does mean my lace making will begin to suffer again, but hopefully I manage a little time every day. Of course I'm just going to be happy with my new wall art for awhile.

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