Thursday, August 20, 2015

Getting There

I fully meant to go back and forth between the two projects I have on hand, but I just couldn't be bothered. I sat down with the doily in my lap and worked on it the entire day. In fact that's pretty much all there is to share this morning.

There is only a week and a half before the kids are back to schooling. That's when all my extra time will dry up and what time I have left we'll need to be for things that need doing. That does not really include making a doily for weeks that will serve do purpose other than decorative when it's done.

While I'm working on it, it serve an instructive purpose I suppose, but learning new things is for free time. The point I'm getting at is I need to get this thing finished soon so I'm fully free and focused for the kids schooling. There's a small chance I'll get it done today, a better one that it's done tomorrow. Then I can start to assimilate what it has taught me and use it in my work. I do already have some interesting ideas, but I can't get too wrapped up in them, schooling is more important and the start of the year is always very rough. So here's to some productive knotting and no distractions.

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