Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Yesterday morning I had to go out and run some errands with the kids. When we got back home I had an order for a necklace that actually needed to be made. That's right, I had an actual tatting task with an immediate need to get it done. It had been so long since I made this one that I had to dig around for all the beads and crystals before I could even start. It also took me most of the day to complete, which was nice. Once I get this in the mail today I'll actually need to remake the other piece in the order since I keep this one listed as custom, but not the other one. So that's two days of tatting tasks from one order.

That's isn't all I got done though. In the evening I had just enough time to add a couple of medallions to the knotted lace doily. It looks like I'm almost halfway around it at this point. I am getting ever so slightly better at joining in the knotted lace, but it's still an imprecise process and that bugs me a bit. I suppose all of this knotted lace by virtue of all the bare thread is more  imprecise than tatting with its even knotting. Of course that's what makes learning a new lace skill interesting, the differences.

So today I have that one tatted piece to make and more medallions to add to the doily. I guess that should keep me pretty busy.

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