Monday, August 17, 2015

Thank You

Well, I had a lovely birthday weekend. There were friends, family, and good food. We got out a little, stayed in a little and I even got a few sales in my etsy shop, so I have some tatting to do. I got some wonderful, thoughtful gifts including handmade ones from my daughters. Thanks to all of you as well for the birthday wishes here and elsewhere. Despite no longer wanting to mention the number my birthday is attached to, it was one of the better ones.

I also did get some work done on the knotted lace doily. The medallions are pretty small and easy to work on their own. Unfortunately the book I'm using never actually expands on what it means to 'join' pieces with Armenian lace. It just says join and none of the pictures of joined pieces are close up enough for me to be certain what they did for that. I went ahead and guessed that I just knot them together at those points. It is also much harder to do that evenly and effectively than I hoped. It seems to be working though and I've gotten about a quarter of the way around the piece, if my math holds out.

Other than the doily I have some surprise gifts with purchases to put together today and then some tatting to remake a couple of things. So for the first time in quite a while I will have to put the doily down for a while and get some work done. So here's to the whole week being busy like this!

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