Friday, August 7, 2015

Next Stitch

The broken record is back. Yes, it was the doily, reading, and a few household chores yesterday as
well.This first picture here is the doily just as I was finishing the last fancy side stitch section, I think. Wait, no at this point I still had 2 more rows to finish. It was getting mind numbing at this point. On the plus side I got another quarter of the way through the book I'm reading.

I did manage to finish the fancy side stitch section, eventually, and there was one simple row of loops after that. Then I started a round of square loops. This is another stitch I clearly need some practice on to get it a consistent size. I did manage to get about half this round completed before I wrapped up for the night. After this I think is another plain row of loops before the section I've been not so patiently waiting to try just because it looks neat. Hopefully I'll at least get to start that today. These rounds are definitely taking a lot longer than previous ones and there are still a few more sections of designs before the end of the piece. So unless I'm happily distracted by sales in my shop, you'll see more of the doily next week as well and probably the week after that too. I apologize in advance.

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